form a student organization

The Law School has a tradition of vibrant and diverse student organizations, and the Student Bar Association believes that student organizations make the Law School a better place. SBA is here to help any student with an idea for a new student organization to establish it. 

Steps to Establish a New Organization


Email the Student Affairs Coordinator, Savannah Ourednik, with a brief description of your group. She might ask that you have an initial meeting with her to discuss your proposal.


Read the relevant Bylaws provision governing student organizations.


Write a constitution for your organization. SBA has created a template for constitutions, should you like an example. The template can be found here.


Submit the New Student Organization Recognition Form, along with your Constitution, to SBA Vice President Shivani Armilli via email.


The SBA will then set a date for you to attend an SBA meeting (Tuesdays at 4:00 p.m.) to discuss your group, after which the SBA will vote.


Upon SBA approval, register your group as a CIO.


All new student organizations at the University of Virginia must be approved as Contracted Independent Organizations (CIO). This procedure is administered through the University-wide Student Council. To become a CIO you must visit the Student Council website for organizations that is linked above. This website contains instructions for registering your CIO. If you have problems, contact your Student Council representative or the Student Council Vice-President for Organizations.


After receiving SBA recognition and CIO approval, submit the following to Student Affairs Coordinator Savannah Ourednik:

1. A one- to two-sentence description of your organization to be posted on the Law School website.

2. Contact information (name and email) for your organization’s officers to be posted on the Law School website.

3. A copy of your organization’s Constitution.